Saturday, 30 August 2008

Awww - Brad Pitt saves Boy

Brad Pitt was just in Venice for the Film Festival.

He was a year late – picking up a gong for Best Actor for his Jesse James (he couldn’t make it in 2007 but won anyhow). Plus he was in town to promote his new Coen Brothers film.

Now he’s a hero too. Brad saved a boy from falling into one of Venice’s notorious (and not very sanitary) network of canals. Pitt grabbed the boy who tripped while he attempted get an autograph from the Hollywood heartthrob.

As the youngster almost fell into the canal, Brad extended his arm and pulled him to safety.

Not only good-looking, a good father, a fan of modern architecture, and not a bad actor – but a moppet-saving superhero too.

You can find out about his new film Burn After Reading here.

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