Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Dirty Sexy Money

Look for changes with Dirty Sexy Money when the ABC show returns for its second season in the US on October 1.

"We're re-tooling the show," reveals Peter Krause, who stars as the morally corrupt lawyer of a scandal-plagued family led by Donald Sutherland. Its shooting schedule was seriously affected by the writers' strike earlier this year.

"Basically," he says, "we want to make it juicier than it was, and we're re-shooting the segments we shot last May and June with the hope of making it easier for new viewers to join the show."

"Last week we were shooting three episodes at the same time. It hasn't been easy. The original plan was to have 13 episodes in the can by the time we go on the air for the second season. Now, we'll be lucky to have seven, maybe eight."

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