Thursday, 25 September 2008

The new DiCaprio film

I saw the new Ridley Scott movie Body of Lies last night - check back here for a review nearer the time.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays a CIA operative who moves swiftly around the Middle-East dealing with terrorist cells (and inevitably falling in love with a local girl) while a fat and cynical Russell Crowe directs him from afar.

It's rammed with Scott's characteristic full-pelt visual style. DiCaprio's performance recalls his stint on Blood Diamond and Crowe yet again does a variation on The Insider.

There's a fairly horrific torture scene involving Leo and hammers towards the end; he's been on record as saying he got sick for three days afterwards.

"We did that (scene) in the middle of some medieval torture tomb. There was some kind of horrific dust in the air"

Official site is here

Body of Lies opens October 10th

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