Friday, 26 September 2008

More about Quantum

Here's some production notes snippets from the still under-wraps Quantum of Solace, the 22nd James Bond film and the first not to be directly based on the writings of Ian Fleming.

Bond's nemesis is the rather ordinary-looking Mathieu Almaric who relishes the fight scene with 007. "I'm very lucky because usually the villain never fights but in this film I have a great fight at the end with Daniel. Greene does not know how the fight so James Bond is surprised because it's not the classical stuff of his training. It will be the fight of two animals"

Here's Judy Dench: "Mi6 has gone rather up market. All I have to tell you is, I don;t think our government has enough money to change the real M16 into my M16"

Costume Designer Louise Frogley worked with Tom Ford for the Bond suits. "He sent someone to Italy just to track down a particular material for us. I wanted to use 'mohair tonic' for the suits. It is very difficult to find because it is a sixties fabric and I'm quite sure Sean Connery would have worn it in one of his suits'.

Locations this time round include the Baja California, Mexico, Pananama and Colon. It also used the ESO Parnal Observatory in Chile and the Bregenz Opera House in Austria. A second unit was sent to record the Palio horse-race in Siena months before the film even went into production.

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