Monday, 8 September 2008

Over the Edge

Robert De Niro has walked off the Boston set of The Edge of Darkness. "Sometimes things don't work out – it's called 'creative differences'," said a spokesman for De Niro, who had been cast in the role of a CIA crime-scene operative, Darius Jedburgh.

Creative differences with whom? Surely not with the director Martin Campbell, who helmed Casino Royale and Goldeneye. This is a pet project for him – the remake of the British TV series that made him famous and began his career (Here's the final sequence with the famous Eric Clapton soundtrack).

Fingers are pointing to the presence of Mel Gibson on what is regarded as his ‘comeback’ film after his infamous anti-Semitic rant to a policeman in 2006. A leaked report revealed that Gibson told the police officer James Mee, who is Jewish, that "Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world"

De Niro, an arch New York liberal, is unlikely to have much in common with Gibson.

Campbell had already expended considerable funds on De Niro’s role. According to the Boston Herald, the director ordered a massive excavation of the 15th hole of Gannon Golf Club in Lynn after he was unable to fit De Niro, the bunker, and the city's skyline into a single shot.

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