Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Tricky Dicky and Mr Frost

I caught a glimpse of the new Ron Howard film Frost/Nixon which was shown to journalists at the launch of the London Film Festival here in London this morning.

Chosen as the opening film of the festival on 15th October in a world premiere, Frank Langhella plays Richard Nixon just after his Watergate disgrace and Michael Sheen the relatively unknown British TV talk-show host David Frost, who pulled off one of the journalistic coups of the decade when he secured permission to televise an interview (for an outlay of a hefty dollar fee to Nixon).

Audiences can look forward to playful, funny take on this hugely implausible but quite genuine scenario. Langella won a Tony Award in 2007 for playing Richard Nixon in the original stage production. British audiences know Michael Sheen best for his depictions of tortured comedian Kenneth Williams, the Emperor Nero and Tony Blair in The Queen – an interesting little trio.

You can see the trailer on the official website here

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