Friday, 24 October 2008

Boris Johnson and Jaws

Colin Firth looked black as thunder while London Mayor Boris Johnson joked about his politics on Wednesday night.

Here's me standing by Boris a few minutes beforehand.

Giving a speech prior to the Gala screening of Michael Winterbottom’s Genova, Johnson told a packed audience that he routinely called his secretary ‘Miss Moneypenny’ before giving an extended, stream-of-consciousness riff on the true hero of Jaws, which was, he claimed, the local mayor, who quite rightly fought to keep the beaches open despite some ‘trifling incidents’ with the bathers.

As Michael Winterbottom and Firth, who stars in the film, waited in the wings of the Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square, Johnson joked that he noticed from an internet search that Colin Firth didn’t share his political views. Throughout the mayor’s monologue Firth scowled, and never looked at him once.

He looked even more annoyed when Johnson started quoting Elizabeth Bennett, evoking memories of Firth’s most famous TV role as Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. Who would have thought that the mop-haired politician could so successfully play the regency heroine to his moody Mr Darcy, evincing a saturnine scowl as good as anything he did in the Jane Austen.

As minions brought his bicycle at the end of the movie, Boris was heard to mention that the film was ‘wrist-slashing stuff’ before hurtling off into the West End.

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