Monday, 6 October 2008

Matt breaks a Sweat

What’s the best way to get is shape for your next movie? Why, run a triathlon of course.

Matt Damon piled on the pounds for his new movie The Informant earlier this year. Plenty of newspapers and websites round the world ran pictures of the Bourne Identity Star looking bloated, haggard and out-of-shape.

The actor joined his stepfather Jay Jones and family friend Barry Hetherington as part of a running team in Florida's Escape to Miami Triathlon on Sunday

Matt Damon was greeted at the finish line by wife Luciana Bozán Barroso and newborn daughter Gia after finishing his 6.2-mile leg in 59 minutes and 54 seconds. The family lives in Miami.

Damon's brother Kyle competed in the whole triathlon and recorded a time of 2 hours, 23 minutes and 40 seconds, finishing in 27th place.

And it was Kyle who convinced Damon to enter the running, swimming, and cycling competition.

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