Wednesday, 1 October 2008

It's not the Woods for Woody

Woody Allen once bought an estate in The Hamptons, on New York State's Long Island. He hated it - because it wasn't noisy enough.

"I bought a very, very beautiful house in the Hamptons," the director of NYC-based classics including Hannah and Her Sisters, and Annie Hall, explains. "I spent over a year fixing it up. I put in trees, I changed the roof; I mean, I did an incredible job. Then I went out there one night and I slept in it, and I never came back."

"The city is so full of chaos, and the chaos is, for many people, pleasurable. Recently I was living in a sublet on Madison Avenue, and every night you would hear ambulances and sirens. It was truly a lullaby."

Vicky Cristina Barcelona is already on release in the US

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