Monday, 13 October 2008

The Org Gets Organized

Anti-Scientology group Anonymous are gearing up for another protest in the presence of Katie Holmes at the Broadway opening of "All My Sons" this Thursday.

Last month the group, whose members often sport "V for Vendetta" masks with mustaches, picketed the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre for the play's first preview. They carried signs that read "Scientology Kills" and "Free Katie, Keep Tom."

Scientologists aren't taking all this lying down. One Anonymous member claims that church members taunted the picketers by ranting, "I need Prozac" (Scientology opposes psychiatric medication) and "Let's break all the windows at the Org," (the Scientology headquarters on W. 46th).

The Anonymous source says Scientologists later showed up at his house with a legal letter ordering him to "cease and desist."

The original performance of this 1947 play closed after only four performances. Tickets for the new show are $61.50–$301.50

Catch the story on YouTube here

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Ronbot Van Helsing said...

Now WHY would high-level scientologist JOHN COALE abruptly switch support from the Clintons to SARAH PALIN and JOHN MCCAIN?? Of course, because Palin is a DE FACTO SCIENTOLOGIST by pledging her support to DOMINIONIST CHRISTIAN groups who are in cahoots with the CULT of Scientology via the CNP.

Coale's about-face is a perfect illustration of how his political choices have NOTHING to do with Democratic or Republican party ideals, but WHAT EACH CANDIDATE CAN DO FOR SCIENTOLOGY. We already know the Clintons are in bed with scientology, and so when Hillary lost her bid, Coale switched parties because Palin is connected to scientology and Obama is not.